Future career day at the LZH and PZH attracts 140 students

At the LZH, gummy bears help to explain physics. (Photo: LZH)

LZH/PZH | Fascinating science: The future career days at the Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. (LZH) and at the Hannover Centre for Production Technology (PZH) were again booked out early. The students were amazed to learn how to look inside a finger nail with a laser and how to construct grippers.

The CO2 laser cutting system at the LZH is impressing: A hissing sound, a lightning flash and whoosh there comes the key ring made out of sheet metal. Almost as quick as that is the personalization of the key rings at the next station. Those who were still not in awe could see the inside of their finger nails – without any injury of course.

Students who want to see more of the LZH than shown during the Future Career Day on 27 April 2017 can get a taste during a school internship, a Voluntary Scientific Year (FWJ) or a NiedersachsenTechnikum.

At the PZH, too, the Future Career Day was packed with new impressions for the 70 students: In the lecture theater they learned what the difference between school and university is – and what is going on at the PZH. Then, a team of older students went to the parallel world in the PZH cleanroom.

„Many students were sparked“, says organizer Johanna Fahlbusch of the TEWISS GmbH at the PZH. “That was obvious – and many parents confirmed this by e-mail later on.”

by Silke Kramprich and Julia Förster

Bildergalerie zu diesem Artikel

  • At the LZH, gummy bears help to explain physics. (Photo: LZH)
  • „Which types of grabbers do you know?“ – this is the entry into assembly technology. (Photo: Menzel)
  • Forming technology you can touch: Children are stamping their own trolley coins. (Photo: Fahlbusch)
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